Winter barley Buslik

Mid-season variety, fodder direction of use. During the years of testing (2017-2020) in the GSI, the yield of the Buslik variety (54.9 c/ha) turned out to be higher than the average for the experiment by 4.3 c/ha (8.5%). The maximum yield was obtained in a preliminary inter-station test in Poland at the Modzurow point – 109.3 c/ha. The average winter hardiness is 4.5 points. The variety is highly resistant to lodging. The average weight of 1000 grains is 43.0 g, grain size is 535 g/l, hulliness is 11.0%. The growing season is from 259 to 291 days. The variety is relatively resistant to major leaf diseases. The protein content in the grain is from 13.0 to 16.3%, the uniformity is 82.4%. Since 2020, the variety has been undergoing State testing in the Russian Federation in the 3rd region