Variety Dovskoe Year of inclusion of the variety in the State Register: 2012. The variety is mid-season. The growing season averages 81 days for grain and 46 days for green mass. The average yield in the variety plots of the republic for 2009-2011 was 42.5 c/ha, dry matter – 60.0 c/ha. The increase in grain is on average 1.6 c/ha, in dry matter 2.8 c/ha. 32 The maximum grain yield of 62.9 c/ha was obtained in 2011 at the Shchuchinsky GSU. Technological and cereal qualities are good. The variety is distinguished by a sprawling panicle shape, a gray-violet shade of the panicle during the ripening period, and a friendly ripening of the grain. The variety is sensitive to a lack of heat and is characterized by a decrease in growth and development rates if the average daily temperature is below 10-12 degrees. Sowing is recommended to be carried out in well-warmed soil. The variety is suitable for intensive cultivation technology, mechanized harvesting and the use of grain for industrial processing and grain fodder. The variety is relatively resistant to drought, resistant to lodging and moderately resistant to shedding of seeds.