Appointment – table.


Earliness – late.
Tubers – medium; number of tubers 12-16; resistant to mechanical damage; average rest period; keeping quality is good.
Productivity – up to 55.0 t / ha.
Starch content is up to 12.7 – 17.3%.
Consumer qualities – razvarimost weak – medium (type of aircraft); the pulp does not darken; taste good; suitable for the production of crisps, French fries.
The development of the tops – uniform shoots; growth of medium intensity tops.
Disease resistance – resistant to the common pathotype of cancer (1); high resistance to L virus; relatively high – to the black leg, scab, rhizoctonia; medium – to late blight of leaves and tubers, viruses X, S, M, Y.


Plant – from medium to high, semi-upright, intermediate type; the stem is medium, slightly stained with anthocyanin; the leaf is medium, dark green; leaf lobes average with slightly wavy edge and medium venation; inflorescence of medium size, many-flowered; corolla red-purple, large; long flowering, berry formation is rare.
Tubers – oval; small eyes; the skin is slightly meshed, partially red; the flesh is light yellow.
Light sprout – from medium to large; the base is ovoid, intensely red-violet, strongly pubescent; the apex is average, intermediate, slightly to moderately colored anthocyanin; lateral shoots are short.
Suitable for growing on all types of soil. Resistant to drought.

Features of the variety:
– requires light and medium loamy soils; uses natural fertility effectively; responsive to organic and mineral fertilizers;
– planting density for commodity purposes 48-52 thousand tubers / ha, on seed plots – 52-58 thousand tubers / ha;
– resistant to drought, relatively resistant to over-wetting of the soil during the budding period – flowering;
– highly resistant to mechanical damage;
– a long period of physiological rest of the tubers; keeping quality is good.