Year of inclusion of the variety in the State Register: 2015. Economic and biological characteristics: Mid-season. It stands out for its high adaptability, good overwintering in extreme environmental conditions, tolerance to diseases. Resistant to lodging. On average, it provides a yield of 66.0 c/ha, which is 14.6 c/ha higher than the Kapylyanka standard. The maximum productivity in the competitive test was 79.6 c/ha, and in the GSI – 91.8 c/ha. Good baking qualities. The nature of the grain is 840 g/l, the weight of 1000 grains is 54.0 g, the vitreousness is 82.0%, the protein content is 14.7%, the gluten content is 32.6%, the volume of bread is 850 ml. The variety is included in the State Register for all regions of the Republic of Belarus.