Appointment – table.


Early maturity – medium late.
Tubers – medium and large, 10 – 14 pcs .; early tuberization; highly resistant to mechanical damage; average rest period; keeping quality is good.
Productivity – up to 67.6 t / ha.
Starch content is 14.0 – 19.5%.
Consumer qualities – average razvarimost (type of sun), the pulp does not darken, the taste is good; suitable for the production of crisp potatoes.
The development of the tops – uniform shoots, intensive growth of the tops.
Disease resistance – poorly susceptible to potato nematode (Ro 1), resistant to the usual pathotype of cancer (1); high resistance to blackleg, brown bacterial decay, Alternaria, viruses X, S, M, Y; relatively resistant to scab; medium – to late blight, rhizoctoniosis, virus L, scab.


Plant – medium, semi-upright, intermediate type; stems of medium thickness, with an average intensity of anthocyanin coloration; large leaf, intermediate type, green; large lobes with slightly wavy edges and medium venation; large inflorescence, many-flowered; corolla of medium size, blue-violet; few berries are formed.
Tubers – round-oval to oval; small to medium eyes; the peel is yellow, smooth; the flesh is yellow.
Light sprout – large; the base is ovoid, blue-violet; the top is average, closed, strongly colored with anthocyan, sredneopushchennaya; lateral shoots are short.
Stable yield, good keeping quality of tubers. Suitable for growing on all types of soil. Effectively uses natural fertility. Requires optimum soil moisture during the second growing season.

Features of the variety:
– suitable for cultivation on all types of soil;
– effectively uses natural fertility;
– large; when grown for seed purposes, a dense planting and timely removal of the tops are necessary;
– requires optimal soil moisture during the second growing season;
– early tuberization and rapid accumulation of the crop;
– good keeping quality of tubers.