Appointment – table.


Early maturity – early.
Tubers – large, aligned; number of tubers 8 – 12 pcs., resistant to mechanical damage; average rest period; keeping quality is good.
Productivity – up to 71.6 t / ha.
The starch content is 11.5 – 17.0%.
Consumer qualities – good taste, low cooking quality (type B).
The development of the tops – uniform seedlings, intensive growth of the tops.
Disease resistance – resistant to the common pathotype of cancer (1), potato nematode (Rol); high resistance to viruses X, Y, L, A, relatively high – to viruses S, M, dry fusarium rot; the middle one – to late blight of the tubers, Alternaria, scab; low – to a rizoktonioz.


Plant – medium, semi-upright, stem type; stems are thin, unpainted; the sheet is medium, intermediate; the lobes are average, the edge waviness is absent, the venation is average; inflorescence of medium size, the number of flowers is average; corolla red-purple, medium size; few berries.
Tubers – from oval to oblong-oval, yellow; the peel is smooth, small eyes, the flesh is light yellow.
Light sprout – large, ovoid; the base is red-purple, slightly pubescent, upper middle, closed, slightly pubescent; lateral shoots are short.
The variety responds positively in terms of yield to an increase in the mineral nutrition background. Suitable for growing on all types of soil.

Features of the variety:
– suitable for growing on light and medium soils with a particle size distribution;
– early tuberization and rapid accumulation of the crop in the first half of the growing season;
– responds to the increase in the background of mineral nutrition by increasing the share of commodity fraction and the number of tubers;
– Recommended planting density for growing for food purposes is 50-55 thousand tubers / ha, on seed plots – 60-65 thousand tubers / ha.