Appointment – table.


Early maturity – medium late. Tubers – oval; the number of tubers 10 – 14 pcs., resistant to mechanical damage; average rest period; Lezhkost good.
Productivity – up to 67.3 t / ha.
The starch content is 14.3 – 20.0%.
Consumer qualities – tastes are good – excellent, the variability is average (type of sun).
The development of the tops – uniform shoots, intensive growth of the tops.
Disease resistance – resistant to the potato nematode (Ro 1) and the usual pathotype of cancer; highly resistant to viruses X, Y, M, dry fusarium rot, rhizoctoniosis on tubers, anthracnose; relatively high – to late blight on the leaves, Alternaria, scab, ditilenkhoz; medium – to viruses L, S.


Plant – tall, semi-upright, intermediate type; stems of medium thickness, slightly stained with anthocyanin; sheet in between; leaf lobes average with slightly wavy edges and medium venation; inflorescence average, corolla of medium size, red-purple, berry formation weak.
Tubers – round-oval; small eyes; the peel is red; the pulp is yellow.
Light sprout – large, ovoid base, red-violet, medium pubescent; apex middle, intermediate type, medium colored anthocyanin, medium hairy, lateral sprouts large.
It has a high marketability, attractive appearance of tubers. Resistant to drought.