Introduced into the State Register of the Republic of Belarus in 2018. In the State variety testing, on average for 2015-2017. the average yield was 51.3 centners/ha, which is 2.4 centners/ha higher than the standard variety Lyubava. The maximum yield – 92.9 kg / ha was obtained in 2015 at the Molodechno SS. Lodging resistance is high (8 points). Field resistant to powdery mildew. Brown rust and septoria are affected at the control level. Grade of food use. Coarse grain, weight of 1000 grains 41.1 g, nature – 750 g/l. The content of crude protein is 14.1%, gluten is 31.5%, the volume of bread from 100 g of flour is 730 ml. Vitreousness 63%.