Year of inclusion in the state register of varieties: 2019.
Mid-season grade of the fodder and food direction. The average yield for 2016-2018 years of testing was 48.8 centners per hectare, the maximum – 90.8 centners per hectare was obtained in 2016 at the Kamenets GSU. The average weight of 1000 grains is 49.5 g, the grain size is 652 g/l. The growing season averaged 83 days. Lodging resistance is estimated at 4.8 points, drought resistance – 3.7 points. The variety is resistant to stem rust, powdery mildew, rhynchosporiasis, practically resistant to loose smut, moderately susceptible to root rot. The content of protein in the grain is 13.9%, starch is 58.7%, the collection of protein per hectare is 5.7 centners, starch is 25.0 centners. It has good cereal properties: the evenness index of the obtained cereal is 91.7%, the yield of pearl barley is 56.2%, the organoleptic evaluation of the porridge is 4.4 points.