Year of inclusion in the state register of varieties: 2019.
Mid-season variety. The average yield for 2016-2018 years of testing was 45.1 c/ha, the maximum – 81.1 c/ha was obtained in 2016 at the Kamenets GSU. The growing season averaged 87 days. The average weight of 1000 grains is 38.0 g, in kind 746 g/l. Lodging resistance is high and is estimated at 4.9 points. The variety is resistant to powdery mildew, slightly susceptible to fusariosis of the ear, moderately susceptible to septoria and root rot. Protein content in grain 15.9%, vitreousness 82%, gluten content 29.6%, IDK 67 conventional units. units (I quality group). The yield of flour was 71%. Whiteness index 56.7 arb. units The volume of bread from 100 g of flour is 679 ml. The baking qualities are excellent, the overall baking score is 4.0 points.