Appointment – table.


Early maturity – mid-season.
Tubers – large, attractive in appearance; number of tubers 10-14; resistant to mechanical damage; long rest period; keeping quality is excellent.
Productivity – high.
Starch content – up to 12.0 – 17.0%.
Consumer qualities – razvarimost weak (type B), the flesh is slightly dark, the taste is satisfactory and good.
The development of the tops – sprouts slow, uneven, followed by intensive growth of the tops and leveling of the crops.
Disease resistance – resistant to potato nematode (Rol), the common pathotype of cancer (1); high resistance to blackleg and wet rot, rhizoctoniosis, viruses X, S, M; medium – to late blight of leaves and tubers, scab, virus Y; low – to virus L.


Plant – medium height, semi-upright, intermediate type; stem of medium thickness, unpainted; a leaf of medium size, dark green; leaf lobes average with smooth edges and medium venation, dull; inflorescence of medium size, the number of flowers is average; the corolla is white, of medium size, the berries are small.
Tubers – oval; the peel is yellow, smooth; very small eyes; the flesh is yellow.
Light sprout – medium; the base of the sprout is ovoid, red-purple, sredneopushennoe; top of medium size, intermediate, slightly colored; average pubescence; lateral shoots are short.
Unique variety of yield, marketability and trade. Suitable for growing on all types of soil. Effectively uses natural fertility and has a high return on fertilizer. For faster and more uniform shoots, germination or heating is recommended before planting.

Features of the variety:
– shoots slow, uneven, followed by intensive growth of the tops and leveling of crops; It is recommended to warm or germinate the tubers and a shallow planting followed by high hilling after germination;
– the variety is suitable for cultivation on all types of soils, effectively uses natural fertility and is distinguished by a high return on mineral fertilizers;
– moderately resistant to drought, sensitive to waterlogging in the early stages of growth;
– planting density for commodity purposes – 45-48 thousand tubers / ha, on seed plots – 60-65 thousand tubers / ha;
– the period of physiological rest of the tubers is 115-120 days; keeping quality is excellent.