Appointment – table.


Early maturity – medium early.
Tubers – large; number of tubers 8 – 12 pcs .; resistant to mechanical damage; average rest period; keeping quality is good.
Productivity – up to 62.4 t / ha.
Starch content – up to 12.1 – 16.4%.
Consumer qualities – razvarimost weak (type B), tastes are good.
The development of tops – an intensive growth in the first half of the growing season.
Disease resistance – resistant to the common pathotype of cancer (1); high resistance to viruses X, S, M, U; medium – to common scab, late blight of leaves and tubers, black leg, rhizoctoniosis, Alternaria, virus L.


Plant – medium semi-upright, intermediate type; stem of medium thickness, unpainted; leaf large, intermediate, green; leaf lobes are large with slightly wavy edges and medium venation, there is no ivy; inflorescence medium size, the number of flowers is average; corolla red-purple; berry formation is rare.
Tubers – oval; medium eyes; the skin is weakly networked, yellow; the flesh is yellow.
Light sprout – medium; the base of the sprout is spherical, red-violet; the intensity of the anthocyanin coloration of the base is strong; the tip is large, open, intensely stained with anthocyanin, strongly pubescent; many root bumps; tubercles chechevichek strong; lateral shoots are short.
Differs early tuberization, rapid accumulation of the crop in the first half of the growing season, high marketability and attractive appearance.

Features of the variety:
– suitable for growing on light and medium soils with a particle size distribution;
– early tuberization and rapid accumulation of the crop in the first half of the growing season;
– responds to the increased background of mineral nutrition;
– recommended planting density when grown for food purposes is 40-50 thousand tubers / ha on sod-podzolic loamy soils and 48-55 thousand tubers / ha on sod-podzolic sandy loamy soil, on seed plots – 62-68 thousand tubers / ha;
– a long period of physiological rest of the tubers; keeping quality is good.