Sredneranny, table grade.
The potato variety Manifesto contains starch – 11.0-15.1%, yield up to 73.7 t / ha.
The taste qualities of potatoes are good, the variety – type AB.
Variety Manifesto resistant to potato nematode and potato cancer. High resistance to viruses, blackleg, moderate to late blight of leaves and tubers, common scab.
Tubers of potato varieties from oval to oblong-oval, red, with small eyes, smooth skinned; the flesh is light yellow. The flowers are red-purple.

Features variety Manifest:
– suitable for growing on light and medium soils with a granulometric composition
– responds well to intensive growing conditions
– recommended planting density when grown for food purposes is 48-52 thousand cubic meters per hectare, on seed plots – 55-58 thousand sub-heads / ha
– good keeping quality
– physiological rest period of tubers is average
– highly resistant to mechanical damage